Ohr Chadash June 2019 News

The end of the year at Ohr Chadash was filled with lots of exciting learning about the numerous days that are celebrated in connection to Israel.  We participated in a community-wide Yom Hashoah assembly in which some of our own Ohr Chadash students led in this emotional ceremony. The children also learned about the 71st year of Israel’s independence and the celebration of Yom Haatzmaut. The students proudly made Israeli flags and other designs to demonstrate their connection to the land of Israel. We also made mothers day cards to show our appreciation for all that our parents do for us each day. 

On the last day of Ohr Chadash for the year, we had an assembly to teach the children about Yom Yerushalyim and the rich history of the state of Israel. We then had fun games and activities to celebrate the festive day of Lag Ba’Omer. The year was concluded with an end of the year ceremony where the 3rd and 4th grade students received their treasured Siddurim. In addition, we sang many of the songs that we learned throughout the year. We had the honor of hearing from our beloved rabbis, Rabbi Fryer-Bodzin, Rabbi Kogan and Rabbi Wise as they each addressed the students with inspirational words of Chizzuk. We thank the rabbis, teachers and parents for making this year at Ohr Chadash such a success. We wish you all a restful summer and look forward to seeing you all next year at Ohr Chadash!

Rabbi Tomsky