Ohr Chadash Welcomes Shinshinim Program to Their School

This year Ohr Chadash is proud to announce that we introduced the Shinshinim as part of our Hebrew school curriculum. What are “Shinshinim”? A “Shinshin” is an Israeli Emissary sent by the Israeli Government and the Jewish Agency for Israel to communities abroad. They come to our communities with the goal of educating people of all ages about Israel and Israeli culture. These bright and talented young adults have made the difficult decision to postpone their army service to participate in this rewarding program.

We are blessed to have Rotem Levinger as our dedicated Shinshin for the year. Each Sunday, Morah Rotem comes and infuses a love for Israel and its culture to our students. Each week she provides fun and engaging activities to teach the children, in a hands-on manner, something unique and special about Israel. This is always a highlight of the day for the children as they excitedly look forward to her upcoming lessons and discussions. In addition, Morah Rotem introduces to the students a new Hebrew word of the week. It is amazing to see how their vocabulary has grown and developed over the short duration of the year.

Morah Rotem and the Shinshinim organization is an integral component to our program. We live in a time where all too often there are numerous negative opinions and comments regarding Israel . As our children are so easily influenced by these damaging opinions, the Shinshinim program allows students to see and hear, first hand from a young adult whom they can relate to, the truth about Israel . The relationships Morah Rotem have cultivated and forged while part of Ohr Chadash will certainly remain as strong memories for all of our Ohr Chadash children. Our goal is for our students to develop a love toward Israel and to show their support and solidarity toward our land throughout their lives. 

Rabbi Dr. Boaz Tomsky