Ohr Chadash Celebrates Tu Bishvat

The children had a blast making special arts and crafts project in honor of the holidays of Tu Bishvat and MLK day. We discussed with the students the significance of each of these days and the importance of thinking about improving the world and creating our own legacy. As part of the arts and crafts project, the children cut out pictures and words which best represent their own legacies. We also had Rabbi Kogan come to speak with the students about the connection between trees and people. He even demonstrated to the children the visual of being a “human tree”.

The following week the children continued in theme of Tu Bishvat, with a beautiful Tu Bishvat Seder. The children participated in an interactive Seder which included lots of singing, reading sections from the Torah and of course lots of delicious food!  Many of the students participated by reading the various reading sections to their classmates. The Tu Bishvat Seder included four cups of grape juice, each juice with different colors to represent the change of the seasons. Additionally, the students ate from an array of scrumptious fruits. Each platter represented different kinds of fruits, namely some with a hard outside shell and some with a soft outer peel. Each of these fruits represented different personalities of people as we discussed the similarities between fruit trees and people.

Rabbi Dr. Boaz Tomsky