Ohr Chadash Celebrates Chanukah

We had so much fun celebrating the holiday of Chanukah at Ohr Chadash. Each of the students made beautiful, colorful Menorahs just in time for the for the first night of Chanukah. Some of the students had the opportunity to make hand painted dreidels as well. Morah Shari and her brother Paul were busy making delicious Chanukah treats with the students including scrumptious chocolates and potato latkes. Some of our older students displayed their cooking skills as they fried tons of delicious latkes for all to enjoy. The children were so happy to share their hard work with their parents as they came and celebrated together at the end of Hebrew school.  Rabbi Fryer-Bodzin, Rabbi Kogan and Rabbi Wise  enhanced and elevated the celebration of Chanukah with the students. Each child was given a box of Chanukah candles and delicious Chanukah gelt to bring home at the end of the day. On the following week, each student enjoyed delicious Sufganiot-donuts and milk at the end of Hebrew school. Most importantly, we were touched to see the amount of children that brought to Hebrew school, unwrapped presents for the Chai Lifeline Toy Drive. We are so proud that our Ohr Chadash children understand the importance and beauty of giving to others, increasing Tikun Olam and making this world a kinder place for us all to live. Kol Hakavod to all those who participated in this most worthy and noble cause. 

Rabbi Tomsky