November 2018 Youth Group News

H2I Youth Group got off to a great start in the month of October. We began our year with H2I’s 10th Birthday Party! Ten years ago, Hillcrest JC, Hollis Hills JC, and ICCJ came together to create something incredibly special, and over those ten years, H2I has accomplished tremendous things. Yasher Koach to all of H2I’s members through the years for making our chapter something unlike any other in USY!

Our month continued with programs like, Race Chase, Cookie Craze, Decades Night, Sense Events, Get Your Glow On, There’s no (H2)I in Team, and so many more! All of our members had the chance to reconnect after a summer apart, and everything is now fully back in swing!

November promises to be another exciting month for us! On November 4, our younger groups will participate in H2I Votes in the spirit of Election Day—they’ll be making decisions in our Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Program. That night, our USYers will have their first Ask the Rabbi Session. On November 11, our younger groups will have a Social Actions program to give back on Veteran’s Day, while our USYers will be having a Breakfast Club Lounge Night after spending the weekend at METNY Regional Fall Kinnus. On November 18, all of our groups will have Friendsgiving Dinners in anticipation of Thanksgiving!

For more information about any of our programs, visit us online at or email us at .