The New Ohr Chadash Religious School – Our Mission, Our Focus

The new Ohr Chadash Religious School has now successfully completed our first eight months.  I cannot express how truly honored I am to be the Director of this most unique and special Jewish institution. In addition, I am so pleased with the outstanding progress we have made since this past Summer.

So just what is the focus, in a nutshell, of the New Ohr Chadash?  Our main emphases is on Jewish Holiday Education, Torah/Bible Learning and Hebrew Reading and Language. These are the main components of our Sunday Mornings and of our new Thursday Supplementary Enrichment Sessions.

Our mission is that through extensive learning in these areas, our youngsters and teens will become better human beings fully utilizing our beautiful Torah Values. We aim to educate our students in a way that will enable them to take an active, productive and meaningful role in the Jewish Community and in our Synagogues, strongly versed in Jewish Tradition as they mature into our future Jewish Leaders.

At this point I wish to thank our three amazing Rabbis, Rabbi Fryer Botzin, Rabbi Kogan and Rabbi Wise for all they have contributed to Ohr Chadash, all year long. You have all been amazing inspirations to our students, teachers and School Board. Your dedication is unmatched…Todah  Rabah & Yasherkoach.

Finally, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you know of any families that might be interested in trying us out, please send them our way. You are all great Emissaries and Ambassadors for Ohr Chadash.  Baruch HASHEM, we continue to grow. Please remember that there will always be a very special place for every child, every teen and every family, in Ohr Chadash.

Wishing You All A Most Happy, Healthy & Meaningful Pesach, Our Fantastic Festival Of Freedom…Enjoy Your Sedorim, Your Matzoh & Your Loved Ones.

Jeffrey Kelman (914-714-1257) ()

Ohr Chadash Director Of Education And Youth Engagement