April 2018 Youth Group News

March was a busy month for us at H2I Youth Group! We kicked off the month with our annual Purim Carnival, held this year at Hillcrest JC. Everyone in attendance had a great time with the games, prizes, food, and raffles! As our month continued, we had special programming to celebrate our 5th graders moving up into Kadima and our 8th graders moving up into USY, in addition to having our second annual Paint Night and a new twist on the classic Chocolate Seder—an Interactive Seder, featuring ten plagues relay races and other exciting activities.

As we look ahead to April, we have a lot of fun programs planned, including Israel Iron Chef, Messy Game Night, Laser Tag and more! We’re also planning an H2I Family Shabbat Dinner for Friday, April 13, so be on the lookout for registration information for that event! For more information about our upcoming programs, check out our website at www.h2iyouthgroup.org.