Todah Rabah ICCJ for a Truly Fantastic First Semester and now off to Hillcrest JC

Yes, the Ohr Chadash Religious School First Semester is officially over and we have already begun our Second Semester which is being held at Hillcrest Jewish Center.  Before you know it, another Summer will have passed and we will be gracing the halls of Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center where I look forward to meeting all of you.  This is a truly a most remarkable arrangement and I feel so Blessed to be working together with three such dedicated Rabbis, totally committed to a unified Ohr Chadash, as well as three dedicated School Boards, with the very same purpose.  During this time, when Our People are sometimes not standing together with the unity we need, that is taught in our Torah, what a beautiful example Ohr Chadash is setting for the rest of the world.  Yasher Koach to all of you.

As you read this article, Ohr Chadash will have completed our Family Tu B’Shevat Seder in January as we now look forward to our Pre-Purim Family Workshop scheduled for Sunday, February 11th.  Please join us for a fun filled session of great Purim Learning, Excitement and Activities.   All Are Welcome!  And then, please do get ready for our March Family Model Seder!  You are all cordially invited.

If you are wondering why our students are suddenly reading Hebrew so beautifully, I attribute this success to our dedicated Hebrew Teacher, Morah Zahava, and to our new Phonetic Hebrew Decoding Program, or PHD as we call it.  Not only are the students reading beautifully but they are greatly enjoying each and every Hebrew Class…We Sometimes Have To Throw Them Out!

Once again, and most importantly, if you know of any families that might be interested in trying us out, please send them my way.  You are all great Emissaries and Ambassadors for Ohr Chadash.  Please remember that there will always be a very special place for every child, every teen and every family, in Ohr Chadash.

Wishing You All A Freilichah Purim.

Jeffrey Kelman (914-714-1257) ()
Ohr Chadash Director Of Education And Youth Engagement