February 2018 Youth Group News

January was a busy month for us at H2I!

During the first weekend of 2018, we hosted our annual Kadima Chapter Shabbaton, in which our middle schoolers had the opportunity to come together to experience Shabbat and have tons of fun with their friends.

On January 7, StandWithUs visited H2I to work with our USYers, leading a program on “Antisemitism vs Legitimate Criticism,” which highlighted Natan Sharansky’s famous 3D’s: demonization, delegitimization, and double standards. This enabled USYers to decipher between anti-Israel sentiment and legitimate criticisms of Israel. In addition, our USYers learned speaking techniques, such as the ARM method, which can help them defend Israel against these anti-Israel remarks. ARM stands for  Address, Reframe, Message. The purpose of this program was to enable USYers to recognize anti-Israel sentiment on their future college campuses and prepare them to respond to any accusations they may face.

The next weekend, we held our annual USY Social Actions Shul-In, in which they spend a night learning about one particular topic related to social actions. This year, our teens decided to focus on self-empowerment and self-esteem, and engaged in a number of meaningful programs on the topic. More details about the program will be included in the March bulletin.

Our regular Sunday evenings included programs like Winter Olympics activities in the gym, murder mysteries, and a challah baking afternoon!

February is always one of our quietest months due to school breaks and the Super Bowl, as we only have Sunday night programming on February 11th. We’re currently gearing up for the final third of the year with some more exciting programming for all of our youth, starting with our Purim Carnival on March 4 at Hillcrest JC from 12:30-3 PM!