Youth Group December 2017 News

November was an incredible month at H2I Youth Group, starting off on the weekend of November 3-5 when we hosted over 300 teens and staff from across the metropolitan NY area at our three synagogues for METNY Regional Fall Kinnus. The event was a huge success, and all those in attendance had a great time spending time with old and new friends, observing Shabbat in our community, and engaging in meaningful programming throughout.
This event could not have been as successful without the support of the members of all three shuls. On behalf of METNY USY, thank you for opening your synagogues up to our teens. Finding housing for so many people was a challenge, but the members of our three synagogues rose up to the challenge and helped us make the weekend possible. A very special thank you to the following families who graciously volunteered to host teens for the weekend: Basheva and Lou Appleman, Deborah and Gary Baker, Beth and Ed Benmen, Aaron and Rabbi Fryer Bodzin, Limor and Yossi Brantz, Bettina and Danielle Como, Andria and Scott Cooper, Susan and Paul Diamond, Lesley and Cantor Fuchs, Donna and Jacob Glickman, Frank and Janet Hammelbacher, Edna and Bob Harris, Helene and Howard Jacob, Alex and Dina Katz, Inessa and Michael Katzap, Elana Kirschbaum, Silvia and Rabbi Kogan, JoAnn Luquis, Amanda and Steven Menzie, Hesh and Judith Mermelstein, Ellen Miller, Aviva and Jimmy Peress, Martin and Barbara Resnick, Matt and Heidi Resnick, Uri and Olivia Rozic, Ellen and Arnie Schweitzer, Dikla and Monte Shulkes, Mark and Debbie Solkoff, Jenny and Radim Teplitskiy, Daniel Tyroler, Daniel and Karen Schlissel, Jonathan and Ginger Schulman, Laurie and Bernie Spear, Marcia and Naftali Tal, Lisa and Shahar Tamari, Terri and Walter Winter, Judy and Rabbi Wise, Brenda and Robert Zuckerman. Thanks also to Robin and Jon Feldman for shuttling USYers to and from hosts and synagogues throughout the weekend, as well as to all those who helped shuttle USYers from Hillcrest to ICCJ on Saturday night! In addition, thank you to the members of the Youth Committee and lay leadership for their support throughout the work that went into planning this event!
As November continued, we had some great programs like a scavenger hunt at Bay Terrace and dinner at Ben’s for our younger groups, and a “Friendsgiving Dinner” for our USYers, among other programs. We’re all eagerly looking forward to the next third of our year beginning in December, during which we’ll be at ICCJ for our Sunday night meetings.