Heading Towards Hanukkah…Yay!!!

A very exciting, meaningful and successful November was enjoyed by all at Ohr Chadash during this past month.  Highlights included a beautiful Havdalah Service every Sunday Morning led by Rabbi Uri, Weekly visits from our three Wonderful Rabbis, Rabbi Fryer-Bodzin, Rabbi Kogan and Rabbi Wise, an Amazing “Torah/Holiday Family Feud Program and Luncheon” and a very successful “Mitzvah Thanksgiving Food Drive”.

With Hanukah quickly approaching, and our World clearly in such turmoil, now more than ever we must not lose sight of the true meaning of our 2,200 year old Holiday.  Hanukah is often called the “Festival of Lights”, as one jug of oil miraculously burned in the Holy Temple for eight days instead of one.  Our Rabbis teach us that Our Nation, Israel, Our People, All of Us, must be a “Light Unto The World, A Light Unto The Nations”.  Where there is darkness, we must bring light, where there is evil, we must bring good, where there is terror, we must bring hope, where there is sin, we must bring righteousness.  As we enjoy the glow of our candles for eight joyous nights, along with our delicious latkes and doughnuts, let us not forget our true Hanukah Mission, perhaps this year more than ever.

Please note that we are planning two very exciting Ohr Chadash Hanukah Programs which I cordially invite you all to attend.  On Sunday, December 10th, we will hold a Family Hanukah Workshop and on Sunday, December 17th, we will celebrate Hanukah with a Gala Hanukah Party.  Don’t Miss This Great Fun.

As always, I eagerly look forward to sharing with all of you our future Ohr Chadash successes, accomplishments and celebrations.  Finally, if you know of any families that might be interested in trying us out, please send them my way.  There will always be a very special place for every child, teen and family at Ohr Chadash.

Wishing You All A Very Happy, Happy Hanukah

Jeffrey Kelman (914-714-1257) ()

Ohr Chadash

Director Of Education And Youth Engagement