A Sweet Fundraiser for Ohr Chadash by Ruth Merrill

As of this writing, our Pre-Passover Seder has yet to occur, our school Yom Hashoah program is still on the horizon, and our school-wide May special activities are still a month away.

What I would like to talk about is our Annual Passover Candy Fundraiser.  Each year, prior to this one, Lauren Ackerman, one of our parents, has conducted the Miss Chocolate holiday event.  This year, however, she was not able to do so because of the impending Bar Mitzvah of her son, Alex.

Fortunately, Morah Shari was able to fill-in for her.  Students, parents, and teachers all participated in the fundraiser.  Miss Chocolate was very cooperative and accommodating because of our varied schedule due to the holidays and the inclement weather, and allowed us a later submission date.   However, delivery was prompt and the orders were correctly filled.

I am happy to say that candy sales exceeded $1500.00 and the Ohr Chadash PA realized more than $700.00 for the school, the proceeds of which help to fund enrichment programs for our children.

Once again, thank you to all who participated in the program.  You performed a true mitzvah.