Mechina’s Holiday Creation by Morah Shari Zuber

Matzo, maror, charoset, four cups of grape juice; these items are all part and parcel of the Passover Seder.  However, for the Mechina class, there is something extra special about this year’s holiday celebration.  Each student in our class had the unique opportunity to make his/her own personalized Haggadah.

At the Passover Seder we specifically state that the story of the Exodus must be told in every generation.  Our children made their special reminder of the Passover story, which will enable them  to look back at it as they mature and eventually pass it on to their children.

The brainchild for the project was inspired by the curriculum requirement that each class be responsible for formulating a project that would encapsulate their learning at Ohr Chadash.  One of the students of our class has an older sibling who made a personalized Haggadah when he was younger.  The concept seemed perfect for our class.  As each student prepared each page of the Haggadah their knowledge of the holiday was employed, reinforced, and increased.  As the volume of the Haggadah grew with each completed page, so did their pride in their accomplishment.

The Mechina class hopes to use their personal Haggadot at the model pre-Passover Seder, held on Sunday morning, April 2nd.  Parents and siblings are invited to enjoy this school-wide student-conducted event, in which students from the Mechina through Gesher classes will lead and explain portions of the Seder.  Dining staples of the holiday will be on hand to fulfill Seder obligations and melodic Pesach songs will round out a delightful morning.

All our Ohr Chadash families are wished a zissin and meaningful Yom Tov.

Morah Shari