Hollis Hills Bayside CSA 2017 -6th Season

Together with the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm located in Jamesport, Long Island we will begin our 6th CSA season this spring! We look forward to sharing wonderful veggies with you.

We have grown our membership with people from surrounding neighborhoods and appreciate your help to spread the word about this wonderful community program. 

Here is a brief explanation of what a CSA is all about:

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) also referred to as a “farm share” is a mutually beneficial partnership where urban consumers receive fresh nutritious vegetables while helping to sustain the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA arrangement the farmer pre-sells “shares” of their farm’s upcoming harvest to individuals, families, and institutions. Our farmers are Matt and Maggie from the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm located in Jamesport, Long Island www.goldenearthworm.com

We also partner with Equal Exchange Fair Trade and sell their coffee, tea and chocolate at our distribution site  – www.equalexchange.coop

To keep the CSA running, each member must sign up for some volunteer work requirement consisting of 4-5 hours. Working shifts at distribution is the most important job and 6 volunteers are needed each week. This is a community effort and everyone participates in some job. If you are unable to volunteer at a shift there are other jobs including: shift coordinator, shift volunteer reminder callers, standby volunteer for shifts, treasurer, food pantry coordinator, food pantry delivery volunteers, and more. Working your volunteer shift is a great way to meet other members and to be an active part of the program’s success.

The Core Group likes to add new members each season and if you are interested in joining our team, please let us know!

Reasons to join a CSA:

Help provide financial security to local organic farmers
Get to know and trust your food source
Get maximum value and optimal freshness for your produce
Enjoy the challenge of using fresh organic produce each week
Explore unfamiliar produce that you may not otherwise try
Participate in cooking demos
Attend interesting lectures/talks about health and wellness
Catch up and exchange recipes with friends and neighbors
Learn more about food sustainability
Support the food security of needy elders with unclaimed food donations
Connect with members who care about food justice and the environment
All this and more!

 Some Important Facts:

Cost for the program $540
Each week you get a box of assorted organic vegetables
Program runs for 24 weeks
Fruit share (not organic) is available from Briermere Farm www.briermerefarm.com in cooperation with Golden Earthworm
Season starts June 8 and finishes November 16
Delivery day is Thursday
Pick up location HHBJC Annex 80-11 210th Street
Pick up time 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Members are required to volunteer 4-5 hours
You can split your share with another member
Meet the Farmer Night –  Monday, March 13
We have a Facebook page that you can “Like” Hollis Hills CSA Facebook
We are registered with Local Harvest and people search us on the internet
We donate to Just Foods network which advocates for healthy, locally-grown food sources – www.justfood.org
We receive weekly emails with share contents
We donate any unclaimed shares to a pantry

Please spread the word about our CSA to your friends and neighbors so they are not left out. Being a member of our CSA is more than just about having a place to pick up food … it is about creating a healthy life style, meeting new people and sharing a wonderful experience together!

 For more information, please contact our CSA at: 


Looking forward to enjoying the CSA with you!

The Hollis Hills Bayside Core Group