January 2017 Youth Group News

Although it’s hard to believe that the year has already come to a close, our final month of 2016 programming at H2I Youth was nothing short of great! We started off the month with a “Hands-On The Environment Program,” which allowed our younger groups to participate in some of the best programs from our USY Social Actions Shul-In about the environment. We learned how to turn newspaper into recycled paper following a few easy steps, and engaged in a team-building gym activity that simulated the struggles animals face as their environment becomes increasingly polluted. That afternoon, our USYers headed to Bryant Park for an afternoon of ice skating with their peers from across NYC. Later in the month, we had programs like Cake Wars and Mitzvah Stations as well, but our highlight was our Chapter Kadima Shabbaton. Our middle schoolers came together for a relaxing, fun, and meaningful Shabbat together, full of delicious food, great friends, and amazing programming.

As we start 2017, we have some great programs planned for the month of January. On January 8, our younger groups will be taking part in a special program – but at the time this is being written, details are not yet ready to be made public. Later in the month, our 8-12 graders will have the opportunity to join teens from across NY at Sababa Kinus at Kane Street Synagogue in Brooklyn, and all of our groups will have the chance to participate in programs like Iron Chef and Messy Game Night.

If you have any questions about H2I, as always, feel free to reach out to me! Happy secular new year!