December 2016 Youth Group News

After a quiet October because of all of the holidays, November was a great month at H2I Youth Group! We started off our month with a tie-dye night, at which our members had the chance to create their own custom tie-dye clothes! Later in the month, our younger groups explored the life of soldiers in the IDF through a program entitled “Israel Basic Training.” We watched and discussed a series of clips about IDF soldiers and the lessons we could learn from their service. Our USYers took a journey around the world to learn about Jewish culture in all different areas, through food, music, and more. Right before Thanksgiving, our younger groups took part in “Supermarket Sweep,” a supermarket scavenger hunt in which they sought out items to be purchased and donated to charity, while our USYers had their annual Social Actions Shul-In on the topic of Environmentalism, which you can read more about in the next issue of this bulletin.

December begins the second trimester of our year, and we will be moving to Hillcrest JC for the winter months! Our first program for Grades 2-8 will be a Paint Night at Hillcrest JC, where everyone will have the chance to create their own artistic masterpiece through the guidance of an expert artist! We’ll have plenty more programs in December as well, so check for our most up-to-date calendar!