November 2016 Youth Group News

After a quiet month of October due to the timing of the holidays, H2I Youth Group is back in full swing this month! We’ll start off November with Tie-Dye Night on November 6, at which all of our groups will have the opportunity to bring some clothing to tie-dye using the colors and patterns of their choice. Our next week, on November 13, our younger groups will be participating in an “Israel Basic Training” program, which will use videos provided by Jerusalem U to develop an immersive discussion exploring the lives of soldiers in the Israeli army and the lessons we can learn about ourselves and the Jewish people through their experiences. Our USYers will be participating in Judaism Around the World, in which they’ll learn about the customs and foods of Jews who live in different communities around the world.

The next weekend, our USYers will participate in one of our most meaningful programs of the year – our Social Actions Shul-In. This year, our chapter board has decided to focus our evening of learning on the environment, both understanding Judaism’s perspective on environmentalism and understanding what we can all do to help protect it. We’ll come together after Shabbat to being programming, and each of our USY Chapter Board members will run a program on the topic that they designed for their peers, until it’s time for bed early Sunday morning. Sunday evening, our younger groups will also participate in Social Actions, taking place in a Supermarket Sweep scavenger hunt – they’ll be given a list of items to find, and we’ll buy all the items they gather to donate just in time for Thanksgiving.

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