A Peek Into the Dalet Class with Morah Judy

The nine students in Dalet are off to a great start this year!   We began our history curriculum with an introduction to Holocaust studies, by acknowledging the passing of Elie Wiesel, and discussing his impact on the world.   We will now read the chapter book “Daniels’s Story”, an age appropriate historical fiction account of a young boy during the Holocaust.  After completing the book, we will view the companion movie and compare and contrast the book and the movie.

We have begun discussing the Jewish life cycle, starting with birth and how Jews all over the world celebrate this occasion for both boys and girls.  The children were able to share their family traditions and personal experiences with the group.  As the year continues, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, marriage and death will be covered, always leaving time for individuals to let us know how they have commented these times with their family and friends.  

Reading groups have begun! All the yeladim have been placed in classes according to their abilities and we spend 45 minutes each session reading, writing and learning basic Hebrew vocabulary.  

Summarizing, reviewing and building on what the students know about the many fall holidays, we have read a variety of both fiction and true stories related to them, and discussed the morals and issues involved in the selections. We have worked on a variety of worksheets and played several games that encourage the review of the facts and experiences of these special times. We will continue to highlight each Jewish chag as it occurs in the calendar year.   

The boys and girls in Dalet are a dedicated and serious group who will be able to enhance their love and appreciation of our Jewish heritage and religion as the year progresses!