A New Home and A New Year

The summer hiatus has made it possible for the transition from Israel Center of Conservative Judaism to our new fall semester scholastic home at Hillcrest Jewish Center.  We thank ICCJ for housing Ohr Chadash for the Spring 2016 term and we look forward to our days ahead at HJC.

We extend our appreciation to all those families who signed up during the summer months, as well as those who attended our Open House on Sunday, August 21st.  It helps alleviate the usual hecticness of the first day of classes.

Speaking of which, the school year begins on Sunday, September 11th, at 9:00 AM.  All classes, Gan Katan through Gesher will assemble in Hillcrest Jewish Center’s main sanctuary.  While our students are becoming acquainted with their new surroundings, Rabbis Fryer Bodzin, Kogan, and Wise will be offering a class for all parents.

For our Aleph through Gesher students, there will be a special program on Sunday, September 25th.  It is entitled Survival in Shanghai and relates a Holocaust saga of European Jews seeking refuge in China during World War II.

Since the High Holidays and Sukkot fall entirely in October this year, there will not be any classes on Sunday, October 2nd, Sunday, October 9th (in observance of Columbus Day Weekend), Wednesday, October 12th, and Sunday, October 16th.

There will be a special program to celebrate Sukkot at HJC on Sunday, October 23rd, for the Gan Katan through Gesher classes.

We look forward to the school year which lies ahead, knowing that it will be both productive and enjoyable for our children and our teachers.

We wish our Ohr Chadash families a sweet and joyful New Year.  May 5777 see the realization of all your dreams and aspirations.