A New Home and A New Year by Ruth Merrill

Sunday September 11th, marked the start of the new school year at Ohr Chadash.  After weeks of preparation, registration and completion of the summertime move to Hillcrest Jewish Center, the new year of learning began.

This year, the first day of school coincided with the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.  During the brief opening ceremony, at which children and parents had an opportunity to meet the staff and reunite with friends, a moment of silence was observed.  Morah Judy presented a brief program for Kitot Aleph-Gesher about the importance of remembering and learning from such life altering tragedies. Each class held their individual age appropriate commemoration with their teacher.

The very popular Rabbi Parent learning series resumed this year.  On September 11th, Rabbis Fryer Bodzin, Kogan and Wise presented “How to Talk to Your Children about Tragedy and Suffering. The parents who attended found the talk informative and helpful.  Four more sessions are planned covering topics including, bullying, God, Israel and children’s bodies.

This year, with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and the many holidays in the month of Tishrei being celebrated in October, the teachers had an ample opportunity to teach and prepare the children for Rosh ha Shana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah.  A special Sukkah program is planned for all the children on Hoshana Rabba which occurs on Sunday, October 23.

On behalf of the staff of Ohr Chadash, I wish the students a stimulating and exciting school year and wish students, parents and all members of HJC, HHBJC and ICCJ who support and host our school and very happy and healthy New Year.

Ruth Merrill
Education Director