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Spring Programs at Ohr Chadash

Purim was a lot of fun and the children made masks and graggers and learned about the “good guys”—Mordechai and Esther and the “bad guys”—Haman and Achashverus.

On Sunday, March 6th, retired IDF officer, Amit Shukar presented a double program to the students of Kitot Aleph through Gesher. Beginning with his popular “Gadna” program he put our students through a 45 minute Boot Camp session, Israeli style. The children reviewed basic Hebrew words associated with the army, learned the “kachol and lavan”, the colors of the Israeli flag and ran an obstacle course.  Anyone who failed to listen to directions or took short cuts, paid with 10 or more pushups. The children also participated in a group scavenger hunt.  Working as teams, they honed their skills working as cohesive units rather than individuals.

After a very short break, the children were divided into four groups with an adult educational advisor, a/k/a teacher, to locate key cities and points of interest on a 20 foot map of Israel.  At the end of the session, children knew that the Negev is in the south, Haifa in on the Mediterranean Sea and Jerusalem is in the middle of Israel.

As Ohr Chadash prepared for Pesach, two special programs enlightened the students. On Sunday, April 10th, the students of Gan-Katan, Shorashim and Mechina and their parents visited the Chabad Matzah Bakery in Bay Terrace. The children learned the process of making matzah from the time the wheat is harvested until the matzah comes out of the oven.  Each child baked a matzah that could be eaten before Passover and took home an individually packaged Shemurah Matzah baked in Israel to be used at the Seder.

On Sunday April 17, the students of Kitot Aleph –Gesher hosted and conducted a model Seder. The older children contributed their own additions to the service. Thank you to Morah Shari for coordinating the Seder meal.

Chag Kasher v’Sameach to all.

Ruth Merrill Education Director