A Look at Kitot Dalet and Hey

The Dalet-Hey class of Ohr Chadash Religious School is comprised of serious and interested students who meet to learn about their religion, heritage and history on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

The Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah were covered through discussion, text and follow up review games.  We are using the book, “The Circle of Jewish Life” as starting point for many fruitful discussions about the important and significant milestones in our lives, including birth, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, marriage and death.  Our history includes Holocaust studies.  The class is presently reading “Twenty and Ten” by Claire Huchet Bishop.  We discuss each chapter and will watch the accompanying movie.  The book is a study of ten Jewish Children who are taken in and hidden in a Christian residential school that houses twenty gentile students.  We plan to read additional, age appropriate Holocaust stories, together in class.  We are also using the text, “Ten Thousand Children” to learn about the many children who were saved by the Kindertransport.  For Hebrew reading and language, the children are divided by ability and are taught using the “Shalom Ivrit—Welcome to Modern Hebrew “series.  Our bible curriculum is based on the text, “The Prophets— Speaking Out for Justice”.  Moses, Samuel, Elijah and Amos are just a few of the prophets that we will be exposed to.  Also, on Wednesday afternoons, the Rabbis of the three sponsoring synagogues lead all attendees in a Tefilah session.  Following Tefilah, the guest Rabbi will either teach the class about the Parsha (weekly Torah portion) or conduct a lively and popular session of “Ask the Rabbi.”  Finally, the Dalet-Hey class is quite sophisticated and so we have philosophical discussions about God and Jewish people while reading “Why Be Different?”  All in all, we spend our six hours a week together in a fulfilling and worthwhile manner!