A New Year Begins by Morah Shari Zuber

Although the close alignment of Labor Day and the High Holidays proved calendarically challenging, Ohr Chadash began classes for the Aleph through Hey classes on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, at its Fall 2015 home, Hollis Hills Jewish Center. Both the office and custodial staffs have been quite hospitable in arranging ample accommodations for both study material and students and assuring that they are at our disposal whenever we need to call upon them. The children and the teachers rapidly acclimated themselves to their environment and things ran smoothly.


On Sunday, September 20th, the entire school convened, from Gan Katan through Gesher. A delightful opening assembly was held in the Main Sanctuary, with Education Director Ruth Merrill graciously welcoming both returning and new families. Following the singing of Hatikvah and the Star Spangled Banner, Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin of Israel Center of Conservative Judaism, Rabbi Manes Kogan of Hillcrest Jewish Center, and Rabbi David Wise of  Hollis Hills Jewish Center provided an informative and entertaining greeting, highlighting the importance of forgiveness at this special time of year. Ariella Bodzin, 7-month old daughter of Rabbi Fryer Bodzin and Aaron Bodzin, had an up-close and personal view of the three rabbis and is now weighing her career choices carefully.

David Hasson, President of ICCJ, on behalf of the chief executive officers of all three congregations, expressed his words of welcome and hopefulness that this will be a truly dynamic year at our school.

The families were encouraged to attend the First Ohr Chadash Shabbat, scheduled for Saturday morning, September 26, 2015, at Hillcrest Jewish Center.

As there was truly much learning to catch up on, the education director concluded the program with the introduction of each teacher to the assemblage as they departed with their respective students.

Our gratitude goes out to Amanda Menzie and Alexis Ludwig for so graciously extending their warm wishes to Ohr Chadash on behalf of their home shul, Hollis Hills Jewish Center. Thank you to Robert Zuckerman of the School Board, who captured the morning’s activities in photos for posterity. Much appreciation is extended to Ohr Chadash Board Secretary Arlene Ratzabi, former Board President Phyllis Laine, and PA President Jennifer Reich for conducting on-sight registrations before and after the assembly.

Todah Rabah to Hollis Hills Jewish Center for so warmly welcoming Ohr Chadash into your synagogue for this semester. We anticipate a term of academic growth and promise.