Welcome Back to Ohr Chadash 2015-16

The summer break was long, hot and humid, but preparations for the coming year moved forward.  After a successful spring term at Hillcrest Jewish Center, supplies and books were packed up and moved to Hollis Hills JC, our host synagogue for the fall term.  Ohr Chadash thanks our past and future hosts for their generous hospitality.

Returning families and new parents took advantage of the 5% discount offered to “Early Bird” registrants.  On Sunday August 23rd, the annual Ohr Chadash Open House was held at Hollis Hills JC.  Many families came in and registered their children to make the opening day an easier one. Thank you to school Board and staff members for their assistance with registration.

Gesher, our continuing Jewish education program for post Bar and Bat Mitzvah students, will meet on Sunday mornings from 9-12.  Created and lead, for the past five years, by our three Rabbis on Wednesday afternoons, the class is undergoing some changes.  For the coming year, the focus of the class will shift to maintaining and improving davening (Jewish prayer) and reading skills, incorporating  modern Hebrew into the students lives and building an active useful vocabulary and animated discussions of issues the students face on a daily basis both in school and outside the classroom setting.

After the conclusion of the fall holidays, Rabbis Fryer Bodzin, Kogan and Wise are implementing a new program.  Each week they will visit two classes.  One class will have an age appropriate enhanced Parsha (Torah portion) class and the second class will have an “Ask the Rabbi” session. “Ask the Rabbis” was always informative and popular with students, teachers and the Rabbis.

In the coming year, our Hebrew reading program will utilize a new series of readers that will strengthen the students reading skills and also teach grammar and vocabulary through stories and activities.  Responding to requests by parents and students we will be incorporating more Hebrew language into the curriculum.

The first Ohr Chadash Shabbat will be held on September 26th.  A special school wide Sukkot program is scheduled for Sunday, October 4th and the first Kabbalat Shabbat dinner, for our youngest students and their families is scheduled for Friday night, October 16th.

Shana Tova and best wishes for a healthy and blessed new year.

Ruth Merrill