Spring in Kitah Aleph by Morah Zehava Baruch

The boys in Kitah Aleph have been super busy the past few months. Since the start of the spring term, the class has spent a portion of each session preparing for a truly special event.  On Sunday, April 26th, the members of Kitah Aleph will receive their first Siddur (Prayer Book).  The children have learned about the importance of prayer in their lives and are busy practicing their parts.  In addition to presenting a mini-Tefilah session, incorporating some of their favorite tefilot and songs, they will also share their individual feelings about this milestone event.

Additionally, the children also spent the past few months learning about some of their favorite holidays.  Purim is always a favorite with a mixed cast of characters, comparing the costumes they plan to wear on Purim and sampling Hamentashen.  As soon as the Megilot were packed away, we started preparing for Pesach (Passover).  From “Mah Nishtanah” to “Chad Gadya” and all the songs in between, the children learned the history of the Jews exodus from Egypt and the many laws of Pesach.  We prepared ourselves by checking our books and backpacks for crumbs.