Youth Group December 2014 News



It’s hard to believe, but the first third of our year at H2I has already come to a close! November was a great month for us, as we wrapped up our time at Hollis Hills Jewish Center. The month started with our H2I Shabbat and Family Movie Night, and despite the nasty weather on November 1, everyone enjoyed our Shabbat afternoon and Motzei Shabbat program! Our fun continued the next night, when all of our groups took part in Krav MaGaGa—learning Israeli martial arts and playing Israeli dodgeball! On November 9, we took to the couches in the Youth House for an old favorite making its return—a Couch Potato trivia contest—for our younger groups, while our USYers had a look at Jews in Popular Culture. The next week, we moved into Harry Potter Goes to Hebrew School for our younger groups and a mock Bar Mitzvah Party for our USYers. Our month wrapped up with our Chapter Kadima Shabbaton at ICCJ, a Supermarket SA/TO program for our USYers, and a Thanksgiving craft for our younger two groups.

For the winter months of December, January, and February, we’ll be moving to ICCJ! Calendars for the programs during these months were mailed out to our members and can be found online. We look forward to seeing you all at the great programs we have planned!