A Peek into the Gimel Class with Morah Judy Stein

The Gimel class uses every available minute of class time to delve in to a variety of interesting and relevant topics pertinent to fifth grade students.   During our sessions, we learn about the modern state of Israel, using the text Welcome to Israel as the basis for discussion.  I Have Some Questions About God is a collection of twelve questions that were collected from boys and girls of their age.   Six Rabbis in England and America answered the queries through story and personal experiences, and we read and talk about both the  given answers and their own feelings concerning God.  Holidays are covered as they occur in the calendar year, through the use of original text, worksheets, discussions and games.   The Bible  is highlighted through Being Torah and its companion student commentary workbook.  The yeladim are offered the opportunity to ponder the relevance of our rich Bible through the creative exercises in the workbook.   Each student has his Jewish Journal , where he/she can write and express his/her feelings on a multitude of subjects including Prayer, Shabbat, Torah, Tikkun Olam and Heroes.  The Time of our Lives is a guide to the Jewish Life Cycle.  A favorite subject of many, we discuss the Jewish life from birth through death.  Hebrew reading is emphasized in the ability based reading groups.  Our sessions are full with discussion, sharing and participation in all these subject areas!