October 2104 Youth Group News

H2I is off to a great start for the 2014-2015 year! We kicked off in early September with a Food Olympics program, and all those who came down loved the different contests with food—like being fed a donut on a string while blindfolded, searching through pudding for hidden M&Ms, and creating a gummy bear tower! Keeping the momentum going, the next weekend, our USY Chapter Board members spent Shabbat at Hollis Hills for a Leadership Training Institute, during which they learned all about how plan programs and bonded as a board. As Rosh Hashanah approached, we had a “High Challah-Day” program, during which our younger groups baked miniature challot, decorated challah covers, and designed their own one-of-a-kind candles with melted crayons. Our USYers, on the other hand, discussed “Hot Topics” in Judaism, having a look at how Jewish morals and ethics can be used to understand some controversial issues. Our USYers also had a great time at METNY Kickoff Dance, which was hosted by Hillcrest, as they reunited with their friends from Encampment and other USY events.

October promises to be just as great as September! On October 5, all of our groups will be taking part in activities that will help them understand the IDF and the situation that has been ongoing in the Gaza Strip, and on October 12, our younger groups will be having “Sukkah Wars” and Sundaes in the Sukkah in the afternoon. The next night, on Columbus Day, our USYers will be having their annual Sukkah Hop dinner, and that weekend, we’ll be holding our second annual Social Actions Shul-In for our high schoolers. After last year’s successful program about homelessness, we’ll spend the evening learning about living with disabilities and how individuals with disabilities can overcome the challenges they are presented with. It should be an extremely meaningful program! On October 19, our younger groups will be doing some of the best programs from the Shul-In to learn about disabilities. Then, on October 26, we’ll be heading on our first trip of the year – Ice Skating!

November will start off right with our first H2I Shabbat on November 1 at Hollis Hills. All H2I families are invited to come together for Mincha, Seudah Shlishit, Maariv, and a great Saturday evening program!

As always, if you have any questions about H2I, or you would like to sign up your 2-12th grader, visit www.h2iyouthgroup.org for more information or e-mail me at