October 2014 Sisterhood News

This year we are off to a running start.  Our Kick-Off & Paid-Up Membership Breakfast was sensational!  We celebrated Alterations, Rita Plush’s latest book, a collection of short stories.  Rita spoke about her writing, read a selection and a lively question and answer session ensued.  There was plenty of delicious food and some new faces in the crowd.

Our next event is the Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, October 19.  The Hollis Hills Jewish Center Pink Ladies have a donation page on the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer website.

Are these dates saved in your calendar?  October 19:  Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach;  November 16:  Torah Fund Breakfast Honoring Maris Blechner; December 7 & 14:  Hanukkah Sale;  January 17:  Sisterhood Shabbat;  March 1 & 4:  Purim Project Assemble & Distribution;  March 29:  Women’s Seder;  April 26: Shopping Trip;  and June 10:  End-of-the-Year Event.  How about February 8 & May 3?  Reserve these for Events To Be Named Later.

These meeting dates should be in your calendar too.  Wednesday nights at 8 in Menchel or Sunday mornings at 10 in Menchel.  In 2014:  October 29, no meeting in November, and December 7.  In 2015:  January 11, February 8, March 1, April 26, May 3 and June 3.  There will always be a snack and a laugh waiting for you.

THANK YOU to all who have already sent in their dues.  And, thank you for your comments/suggestions/ideas/requests.  Your responses will directly influence your Sisterhood’s projects, goals and events.  Let’s get this paperwork out of the way early in the year.  Send your Sisterhood dues to the office c/o Sisterhood, if you haven’t done so already.

Always remember that the Sisterhood of HHJC is a vibrant organization within the temple that sponsors a variety of activities that combine social, cultural, charitable and educational aspects of Jewish life.  Our members make us strong, our events make us fun and your participation makes us run.

Audrey Shepard
Sisterhood Co-President