Ohr Chadash Comes Full Circle

After a one year absence, Ohr Chadash happily returns to ICCJ for the coming fall term.  Our thanks, to this past years host synagogues, Hillcrest and Hollis Hills Jewish Centers, for their warm hospitality.

The summer has been a busy time.  The calendar for the coming year is set and new staff members have been hired. Books are on order and a new set of readers has been ordered to enhance our reading program.  As in the past, the children will be placed in reading groups according to their ability. Our reading specialists will work one on one with children for both enrichment and remediation.

Many families took advantage of our new discounted early registration program and new families attended the August 24th Open House at ICCJ.  Thank you to the Rabbis, School Board members, Parents Association volunteers and staff members for making the morning a success.

On Sunday, September 14th, “Jewish Children 18” –a division of the Jewish Children’s Museum, will present our first special program, a school wide Shofar making program.

On behalf of the teaching staff of Ohr Chadash, we look forward to another wonderful year with your children. We wish all of you a truly happy, healthy and peaceful New Year and look forward to greeting each family on Sunday, September 7th at 9 AM in the main sanctuary of ICCJ for the opening ceremony.

Ruth Merrill
Education Director