July-August 2014 News

2013-2014 was a spectacular year for Sisterhood and our End-of-the-Year Event was the icing on the cake.  Maris Blechner, M. Ed., LCSW,  led us through an evening that gave us the keys to take care of ourselves while we are overwhelmed with our responsibilities.

As a solo Sisterhood President, that was my last event. These past few years we’ve been through a lot together and I would like to express my deepest appreciation to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Thank you to my Dateline column reader.
Thank you to our envelope stuffers, labellers and stampers.
Thank you to our committee chairs,
our list makers, our minute takers,
our money collectors, our program selectors,
our RSVPers, our “maybe I’ll see ya’s,
our late comers, our guitar strummers,
our breast cancer walkers, our meeting stalkers,
our Torah readers, our Kashrut heeders,
our shoppers and shleppers,
our singers and dancers,
our clergy with answers,
our new sisters and our not-so-new.
As long as all of you renew
and hold on tight for the upcoming thrills,
There will always be a great Sisterhood at Hollis Hills.

It’s been a heck of a ride.

With great pleasure, I welcome Beth Diker as Incoming Sisterhood Co-President.  Watch your mail for your Sisterhood Packet.  We’re going to thrive in 2014-2015!


Audrey Shepard