A Year End Message from Robert Zuckerman

It has been a successful educational and inspirational 6th year for the Ohr Chadash Religious School.  The joint support (both financial and inspirational) of Hillcrest Jewish Center, Hollis Hills Jewish Center, and Israel Center of Conservative Judaism has united our strengths exponentially.  Our 3 Clergy; Rabbi Wise, Rabbi Fryer-Bodzin and Rabbi Kogan gave meaning to the education process as they supported the continued, exceptional efforts of our teaching staff.

During this past school year 2013-2014 our host synagogues have accommodated a 30% growth rate reaching 109 students.  Yasha Koach to Hollis Hills J.C., as the “new kid ” in the joint sponsorship, as they went through extraordinary lengths to meet our physical location needs.  Special thanks to HHJC’s Men’s Club who started this last semester off with a parent’s breakfast and later was supported by the 2 other Shul’s Men’s Clubs in sponsoring a Lag B’Omer picnic.  It should be also noted that the custodial staff of HHJC had expressed their enjoyment of having a full load of students back in the Shul and they did all they could to meet that tough challenge.  Next year we will return to ICCJ in September and later in January 2015 to HJC.

The Parent’s Association was able to sponsor half of the expensive (and well worth it) Purim Puppet show, amongst other enrichments and request from Morah Ruth.  They also generously gave well deserved Chanukah and End of the Year, teacher-custodian-Rabbi thank you “bonuses”.

I also acknowledge the support of the volunteer Board Members and Associates from the 3 synagogues who have helped direct the administration of the school. Many of these individuals no longer have students in the school but they are still devoted to its success.

Finally there is Ruth Merrill, Ruth Merrill everywhere, Ruth Merrill all the time.  Our newly seasoned Education Director had accepted the position with 80+ students and was quickly thrown 25 more.  She was able to hire and direct 3 new teachers, re-settle into new surroundings and  assure the continued attention that our students require. What is more amazing is that she intends to do it again next year. Todah Rabah!

Ohr Chadash Religious School will continue serving our Jewish community’s educational needs and hopes to see you in September.  Remember to register and pay in full by August 1 to receive a seven percent (yes, 7%) discount. You may contact the financial office at ICCJ for more information.

Shalom, and have a great Summer.