A Peek Into the Kitanim Class with Morah Eliza

Kitanim are the youngest members of the Ohr Chadash Religious School.  The eight preschool boys and girls met each Sunday morning to learn, discover and experience their Jewish heritage! We learned the holidays as they occurred in the year-through song, story, crafts, games and movement.  Age appropriate bible stores were covered on a regular basis. Exposure to the Hebrew Alef Bet was encouraged through the use of an early childhood workbook.

Music with Morah Osnat was always a favorite activity for the children, as they learned and reviewed many Hebrew and Jewish songs for the holidays and year round.

Kitanim was fortunate to participate in Rokdim-Ivrit, an enrichment program   highlighting Hebrew vocabulary using language and movement in fun-filled and rewarding ways.

As the school year is rapidly approaching its conclusion, we are looking forward to learning about Lag B’Omer and Shavuot.  We accomplished a great deal in our two hours together on Sundays.