Growing and Learning with Gan by Morah Emily Birger

The children of Gan, have been busy learning a lot this year as well as participating in special programs.  Hebrew language is an important part of the Gan curriculum and we had two different types of special programs throughout the year to reinforce this.  One was “Rokdim Ivrit”, which combines learning Hebrew vocabulary with an added element of Israeli music and dance.  In the second program, the children played games to learn themed Hebrew words, such as playing with toy cars to learn sizes (large and small) and colors.

Throughout the year, we have been busy learning the letters of the Aleph Bet, singing Jewish and Hebrew songs, reading Bible and Jewish theme stories, experiencing Shabbat and celebrating the holidays.  We learned the Shabbat blessings, made Kiddush cups and had two Shabbat parties to practice and reinforce the blessings and rituals we learned.

Over the past months, we have been busy learning about two of the children’s favorite holidays. For Purim, we made graggers (noisemakers), beautiful crowns for the children to wear and colored pictures that told the story of Purim.  On Sunday, March 9, Gan participated in a wonderful Purim puppet making workshop.  This was followed by a puppet show that incorporated puppets made by the children.  This was co-sponsored by Ohr Chadash and the Parents Association.  It was a truly fun morning for everyone.  We learned about Passover and the Seder.  We sang lots of songs and made our own pillowcases for the children to use at their Seders.

I have really enjoyed the chance to teach your children and watch them grow.