Our New Home and a Taste of Things to Come at Ohr Chadash

Ohr Chadash was on the move again over the MLK weekend.  Many thanks to the office and custodial staffs at HJC and HHJC, without whom the move could not have been accomplished as quickly and seamlessly as it occurred.  A special thank you to the Barsz, Gorochow and Yellinek families, who to graciously came to Hillcrest on their Sunday off and drove the myriad boxes eastward along Union Turnpike to our new location in Hollis Hills. Also, thank you to Morah Shari Zuber for braving the cold and snow to help set up the new teachers’ storage closet that was built, under the direction of HHJC Pres. Paul Reich, for the express use of Ohr Chadash.

For the spring term, we have been busy with special programming.  In addition to the two Hebrew language programs for the younger classes, the 109 students will have a puppet making workshop and show (incorporating the puppets made by the children) the week before Purim.  Admission to this program is one clean and empty plastic bottle that will be recycled into a puppet.  Half of the cost of this program is being underwritten by the Parents Association of Ohr Chadash.  Many thanks to you!!

In April, (Ret.) IDF officer, Amit Shukar will present an intense “Map of Israel” program for the students in Aleph-Gesher.  In the past, Amit has come to Ohr Chadash with an IDF (Israel Defense Force/ZAHAL) training session and Israel Trivia program.  It is always an exciting and informative afternoon with him.

To celebrate Pesach (Passover) the entire school will go to the Chabad of Bay Terrace for a craft and Matzah baking program.  Working in two shifts, the children will create a Pesach related craft and experience making and baking their own piece of Shemurah matzah.  To finish the year, the Aleph class will receive their 1st Siddur on May 11th.  All Kitah Aleph families are invited to witness this special day in the children’s lives.  They have worked for years to reach this momentous occasion.

On Sunday, May 19th, in celebration of Lag B’Omer, the Men’s Club of HHJC will host a day in the park for the children of Ohr Chadash.  Please check the web site and your childrens’ backpacks for further information about this and all other special programs.